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Affogato: Try One Today!


From the country that brought you classics such as Pizza, Pasta, Spaghetti, Ravioli, and much more, comes another classic built to deliver a sweet punch combined with the classic taste of coffee: The Affogato!

The history of the Affagato and how it came to be, remains a mystery. But the Italian delicacy has a rich history of being enjoyed worldwide, especially in America.

It combines Italian coffee and ice cream: espresso and gelato. Some classify it as a beverage, while others claim it as a dessert. Whatever the categorization, what’s sure is the unique experience you get when you taste gelato drowned in classic Italian espresso.

And yes, the gelato is supposed to be drowning in espresso. The Italian word Affogato translates to drowning!

The classic Affagato uses vanilla-flavoured gelato as the main ingredient, while the Italian espresso’s classic taste remains.

There’s room for variations. You could customize the flavour of gelato from classic vanilla to anything you likeā€¦ even combining multiple flavours for a unique experience.

Some might consider varying a classic delicacy breaking from tradition. But some might think it innovative and in the spirit of how Affagato was made in the first place.

Don’t ask us what camp we’re in, but rest assured you can exercise any of the two options if you visit our Italian cafe in Calgary!

Some interesting facts about the Affogato

  • The origins of the Affogato are disputed but generally date back to the 1990s in Italy.
  • The Affogato has inspired many delicious desserts, such as Affogato-styled waffles and french toast.
  • Caffeine lovers who might not be satisfied with the average 60 mg of caffeine you get from an espresso can make an Affogato-styled Frappucino and bring the caffeine count up to 150mg.
  • While the traditional route is to make the Affagato with hot espresso, an exciting variation is serving gelato with a strong cold brew or pour-over.
  • Cookies are an tasty and popular add-on to the Affogato. Many use it to add to the taste and to make it easier to scoop up the espresso-drowned ice cream from the cup.

How to make the Affagato at home

Making the Affagato at home is easy. However, you must pay attention to the finer details.

Step 1: Pick your choice of gelato. Just ensure it’s frozen to the max before serving, so it doesn’t melt too fast.

Step 2: Prepare the perfect, freshly-brewed hot cup of espresso. You could choose a Moka pot or espresso machine.

Step 3: Scoop the gelato and put it in a glass or cup.

Step 4: Ideally, drown the hot espresso in the gelato. Yes, drown, not pour! And if you’re doubtful about this, know that Affagato translates to ‘drown’ in Italian!

Step 5: This is optional, but add-ons never hurt! Adding whipped cream, serving with a cookie, and sprinkling some chocolate shavings might add to the experience!


Pro-tip: Serve immediately once the espresso and gelato make contact. Nobody wants melted ice cream on their hands!

Find the perfect Affagato in Calgary

The perfect Affagato can be found at our Italian cafe in Calgary. Amato Gelato has perfected the two primary ingredients that go into the Affagato: Italian espresso and gelato.

You can pair any of the available gelato flavours with the espresso. And if you’re looking for recommendations, the staff is more than happy to point you in the right direction!