Coffee Menu at Amato Gelato Cafe

Coffee Menu at Amato Gelato Cafe

Do you enjoy relaxing in an amazing space with fantastic coffee? That is precisely what our Italian Café in Calgary has to offer. At Amato Gelato Café, we offer a wide range of coffee options. So, whether you want a break, have a quick meeting, or simply want to read a book, you can enjoy our beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’re on the run, we also offer our café options in handy to-go options.

Curious of what types of coffee we have on the menu? Keep on reading below…

Café Menu

This list wouldn’t be complete with the star of the show: coffee. Most of these options start with espresso, and we use the best beans and top of the line machines to create a rich and creamy blend. First, let’s start with the beans. Did you know there are various kinds? Our beans use a blend of two types:

Arabica: the most common and used seed. Why? Because you can drink this coffee with only boiled water. It happens that this bean makes a sweeter flavour, so you can drink it straight.

Robusta: Not as common. Why? Because it has a bitter and robust flavour. For this reason, Robusta seeds are generally used for espresso and instant coffee.

While we love espresso, we also want people to enjoy a good americano, so we needed the right blend. After careful consideration, we decided to go with Kimbo. In their own words:

“Kimbo uses a Robusta Arabica blend of beans – which has a medium roast profile, full-body and sweetness/acidity. It provides thick crema and really goes well with Lattes, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites.”

Basically, they combine the sweetness Arabica got to offer with the bitterness Robusta adds. Want to judge for yourself? Just come and drink a hot cappuccino in Calgary.

Ok, now, let’s go to our menu options.


Espresso (Decaf is available)

Espresso is just plain, and strong coffee, maybe the strongest you will find in our cafe. It’s the base for other coffee drinks and great on its own. Boiling water is forced through packed, ground coffee beans to create this classic Italian drink.


It’s an espresso mixed with water. It is believed that this type of coffee was prepared in the Second World War while Americans were in Italy; they would mix espresso with hot water to ration the scarce amounts of coffee.

Drip Coffee (Iced version is available)

It’s regular coffee.  As its name suggests, it is served using dripping boiling water over ground coffee to get a unique flavour. There is an iced version for this drink, just make sure to ask us about it.

Coffee with Milk

Latte / Cappuccino (Iced version is available)

It’s a mix between espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Depending on how much steamed milk is used, we are talking about a latte or a cappuccino. Latte has more steamed milk and less foam, while cappuccino has less steamed milk and more foam. Which one do you want? There’s an iced version too.

Cafe Mocha

It’s a hot drink made from a double espresso shot, steamed milk, chocolate, and foam. If you like a little sweetness with your coffee, you can’t go wrong with adding a hint of rich chocolate flavour!

Caramel Macchiato

It’s a strong coffee shot with a dash of milk and a hint of caramel. In Italian, Macchiato means “stained,” so this is basically “coffee stained with milk.”

Gelato & Coffee Specialties

In addition to our standard café offerings, we have a range of specialty drinks available. We love to incorporate Gelato into our desserts and coffees and have created some fantastic options that you must try!

Italian Hot Chocolate Float

One of our specialties, we take decadent and rich hot chocolate and add a scoop of gelato. What could be better?


Affogato is perfect when we want some caffeine, but it’s too hot out there for a coffee. Why? Because an affogato is a scoop of cold and delicious gelato with one espresso shot poured delicately for better results.

Affogato with liqueur (seasonal)

Just your regular affogato you are used to but spiced a little bit with some liqueur. Ask us for availability!

Italian Café in Calgary

Our Italian Café is located in the heart of Kensington, Calgary. Visit us today and sample our café menu; sit down and pair a Tiramisu slice with an espresso or grab a drip-coffee to go.