Is Sugar a Stress Reliever?

Is Sugar a Stress Reliever?

Did you know that consuming sugar (in moderation, of course) can help to relieve stress? Next time your feeling tense, consider stopping by our Italian café in Calgary for a slice of cake like Tiramisu. However, it is crucial to be aware of the amount you consume and the side effects of consuming too many sugary foods.

Sugar – the secret stress reliever

Sugar is known as being the secret stress reliever. It does wonders for stress relief. Many of us devour sweets to respond to the stress we experience in our everyday lives. Studies show that consuming cakes and sweets could reduce the release of hormones that are associated with stress. However, sugar consumption doesn’t have a long-term stress-reduction impact on the body. Obesity, as well as a weakened immune system, can have the opposite effect.

Although our brain represents only 2% of the total body weight, it uses half of the everyday carbohydrate needs, and glucose is its primary fuel source. Under severe stress, our brain can use up to approximately 12% extra energy. Notably, people at work experience a significant amount of stress, and in those moments, the brain has a higher energy requirement.

So, if we do not eat enough, there is a possibility that our brain takes glucose from our bodies, meant for utilization by skin and muscle cells, causing the body to release additional stress hormones. If we are about to fulfill our brain’s requirements, we can consume more sugary foods… like a gelato cake in Calgary! This way, we will provide our bodies with a lot more energy necessary for accomplishing our everyday tasks.

However, as we get older, our taste for sweets lessens but never vanishes. Living conditions are the critical factor determining to which extent our preference for sweets and cakes will decrease and will vary from person to person.

Should you increase your sugar consumption to reduce stress?

The correct answer to this question is certainly not. There is no doubt that it’s nice to know that sugary foods may truly fulfill our sweet craving while also relieving tension. Moderation is essential for everything we consume, not only for sweets and cakes. Eating high-quality sugary snacks produced with natural sugar may be both mentally and spiritually beneficial. This does not imply that you should start binging on sweets. Instead, allow yourself to indulge in a delicious treat now and then, particularly during moments of stress in ones’ life.

Dessert in Calgary

Although consuming sugar is not a long-lasting way of recovering from stress, it can provide a quick fix. Stop by our Italian Café in Calgary for a quick fix of sweets, paired with a coffee or espresso.

When leading healthy life with exercise and moderation, a scoop of Gelato or a slice of cake will not have a harmful impact. If you are a fan of tasty desserts and are searching for an exciting snack for your next event, then you need to try our Gelato Cake! These cakes can brighten up any occasion and can help kick off or end the event.