What Your Favourite Gelato Flavour Says About You

What Your Favourite Gelato Flavour Says About You

We all have our favourites. Whether it’s a favourite show or celebrity, we all have a preference that everyone might not share. You probably don’t know that your favourites can be a glimpse of what you’re actually like, even for things you wouldn’t expect, like gelato flavours.

Let’s look at what your favourite gelato flavour says about you and your personality.


You probably get many people calling you boring for liking such a simple flavour, but they don’t know that people who enjoy vanilla tend to be impulsive and idealistic risk-takers. You appreciate life’s simple pleasures but also know how to have fun.

Rum Raisin

People who like this flavour of gelato are very assertive. They tend to be referred to as ‘wild’ and can be very outspoken. But despite that, they’re very caring and considerate people.


You’re most likely an introvert if you have coffee as your favourite. You like hanging out in your favourite Italian cafĂ© and enjoying your alone time. People admire the effortless laid-back personality that coffee lovers tend to have.

Butter Pecan

You like flavours that remind you of the good old days. Butter pecan lovers also tend to be more conscientious, devoted and respectful towards others. You possess a very old and romantic soul that allows you to feel deeply. You also hold right and wrong to high standards and always stick by them.

Rocky Road

If you’re a fan of the rocky road flavour, then you can be a little aggressive. You’re adventurous and love spending time in the outdoors. No one can convince you to stay in one place for too long. But even with your carefree attitude, you’re an excellent listener and don’t like taking irrational risks just for adventure.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip lovers are very kind. They don’t possess a selfish bone in their body. They’re also very competent and wouldn’t hesitate to go after what they want. But, at the same time, it can be hard to satisfy them fully. They tend to be very picky.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter lovers can be quite a handful. People get excited to hang out with you but are also slightly apprehensive. You also have a very go-getter attitude.


If you love chocolate, you are most likely very charming and adored by everyone you meet. You’re smart and know exactly what it is you want. You love life and are always willing to try out new experiences. But you can also be too dramatic and gullible.


Strawberry lovers are usually described as fiercely loyal people. You’re very tolerant and considerate, which makes you an excellent friend. You can also be too energetic and always want to hang out somewhere else even after a long day.

Strawberry lovers also tend not to care too much about what people think. For example, gelato in autumn may not be as popular as it should be, but strawberry lovers can still be seen snacking on their favourite strawberry-flavored gelato without care.

Cookies and Cream

You’re probably the nerdiest in your friend group, but in an endearing way. You love to read and are probably drowning in books. Cookies and cream lovers also have great humour and tend not to take things too seriously. You don’t care too much about following trends and prefer just doing what you want.

Gelato in Calgary

Now, when you go on a date or hang out with friends to have some gelato in Calgary, you can have fun pointing out their personality based on the flavour they order.

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