What is Roman Pizza

What is Roman Pizza

Roman pizza has a crispy crust that looks more like focaccia than traditional Neapolitan or New York-style pizza. The toppings are also different, as they usually include fresh vegetables like eggplant and zucchini.

Some call it Pizza Romana, and others call it Pizza al taglio. Regardless of what you call it, this pizza is a staple in most of the pizzerias in Rome. Made with crispy yeast dough, the Roman pizza is served cut into 12 rectangular slices called taglio.

Al taglio means “by the cut” in Italy, and the term refers to any pizza which measures 3 feet. An Italian cafe usually sells pizza al taglio by the slice in a rectangular-shaped pan.

Roman Pizza Versus the Others

The name of the pizza has its roots in Rome, which has been instrumental in influencing the pizzas of neighbouring Naples. When Italy was united, locals from the South started eating this slice of pizza with one-third water and two-thirds flour, a perfect balance for growing tomatoes.

The word “Pizza” came from Naples, where it was called “pizza Napoletana” and refers to “Neapolitan Pizza.”

Compared to Neapolitan pizza, Roman pizza dough has a different structure. The honeycomb, also known as the crumb, features micro-holes that make the pizza crispy yet light and airy. The airy texture is also achieved by letting the dough rise longer.

Roman pizza undergoes three separate fermentation stages to achieve a more refined dough. Also, its dough rises at a 60- to 90-hour rise. More importantly, hydration plays a significant role in making delicious Roman pizza. Roughly 60% – 70% water is incorporated into the dough.

Another difference between Roman and Neapolitan pizza is the temperature to cook them. Neapolitans need 750-1000°F while Romans are cooked around 500-600°F.

How is Roman Pizza Made?

First off, set the dough aside and let it rise before shaping through a rolling pin. Once done, set the temperature to around 500 degrees. Next, put the pizza inside and let it sit until the crust and toppings turn golden brown. Also, check if the cheese also melted sufficiently. Wait for approximately 14 minutes.

Make sure to rotate the pan after a minute for even cooking. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes after shaping to rise again. After the first rise, shape a second time. And, once the dough has risen, it is good enough to use!

What goes on top?

Its base generally includes tomato sauce, herbs, and other toppings like other pizzas. The main ingredient of the tomato sauce is tomatoes cooked with garlic and oregano. You can also add different chunks of mozzarella cheese or a mix of both fresh and aged ones. Choose what gives you a better taste.

You can even add meat toppings to it like prosciutto or salami. So whether you’d like a meat-flavoured pizza or meat-free pizza, you can do that. Also, you can add other ingredients such as veggies or herbs like parsley, arugula, and basil. You can also add meats like prosciutto ham or any other meats. Another popular topping is caramelized onions which are thinly sliced and fried with olive oil until the skin is crispy.

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