Gelato Nutrition Facts

Gelato Nutrition Facts

Are you a dessert and sweets fan like most of us other there? If yes, you would probably agree there is no wrong time to enjoy a delicious gelato.

For those who might be confused, gelato is a frozen Italian dessert similar to ice cream. It is a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed in various flavours. It also has a soft and creamy texture, making it a particularly indulgent treat. There are several benefits to enjoying a bowl of gelato, including the experience itself, but it is slightly healthier than other frozen dessert options.

Gelato Nutritional Facts

Gelato is a healthy snack option that contains a relatively small number of calories and sugar. One serving of gelato (88 grams) contains about 160 calories and 17 grams of sugar, depending on the flavour. While everyone’s dietary needs vary, gelato can generally be consumed as a special treat from time to time. If you have dietary restrictions, Amato Gelato is pleased to offer a range of sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly gelato options.

Gelato is lower in calories than traditional ice cream and full of calcium, which helps build healthy bones and teeth. The gelato may also contain antioxidants depending on what is added to it. For example, a serving (125ml or 1/2 cup) of vanilla bean gelato would contain:

Calories: 160

Fat: 14.2g

Sodium: 54mg

Carbohydrates: 19.5g

Sugars: 17g

Protein: 3g

Calcium: 103mg (10% RDI)

Gelato Potential Health Benefits

Enjoying gelato has many benefits, including its nutritional value and taste. So let’s take a closer look at all gelato health benefits.

May contain antioxidants

Just as the flavourings in gelato can affect the micronutrient content, so can the antioxidant level. Some flavoured gelato may be high in antioxidants. For example, dark chocolate has powerful antioxidants linked to reducing inflammation, which may help protect against heart disease. Some citrus flavours contain antioxidant vitamin C, while blueberry-flavoured gelato has many of the berries’ polyphenols.

Calcium for better bones

A serving of regular gelato contains over 10% of the recommended daily calcium intake, making it a good source of this nutrient. Calcium is an essential mineral that helps to build strong bones.

Great snack for weight loss

The lower calorie and fat content of gelato make it a good choice when losing weight since it typically has fewer calories and fat than regular ice cream. Just don’t forget that portion control is still critical!


The carbohydrates in gelato are simple sugars, which the body quickly breaks down and uses for energy. So, if you’re looking for a quick energy boost, you’ll find some delicious options on the go with gelato.


Some types of gelato can strengthen the digestive system. For example, the enzymes in pineapple gelato help your digestive system work more effectively. Gelato is one of the few desserts that can help your food digest better, especially after a big meal.

Comfort Food in Calgary

Permitting yourself to have what you enjoy in life is vital in having a rounded experience and living life to the fullest. Gelato is refreshing and tastes excellent, so treat yourself and try some gelato in Calgary today.