Custom Gelato Cakes

Custom Gelato Cakes

Is it not splendid when we can combine two of our favourite things, a cake and gelato, into one delicious treat? Indeed, a gelato cake is just this delightfully indulgent treat! What’s best is that everyone likes them, making them a great dessert addition for any occasion or event. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding reception or a get-together of friends, you can count on custom gelato cakes to make your day. Gelato cakes have been popular for a while now, and you can get your hands on one anytime. So today, in this article, we will help you find out more about this lovely dessert before you order your custom gelato cake.

What’s special about gelato cakes?

Gelato cakes have a strong and vibrant flavour yet are served slightly cooler than frozen. Italian gelato is less aerated than ice cream, so it is denser; it takes longer for any given scoop of gelato to melt. A more decadent, dairy-based treat without as much fat as ice cream, pure gelato cake is made entirely of layers of different flavoured gelato with fresh fruit and nuts. With all-natural flavours and a unique blend of gelato and fruits, a gelato cake is one of the healthiest snacks you can have!

Are gelato and ice cream cakes the same?

Gelato cake is similar to ice cream cake, which is made out of gelato instead of ice cream. Gelato is a thick Italian dessert made of milk, sugar, eggs, salt, and vanilla. It is served cold and often topped with whipped cream. Gelato cakes are typically sweetened with honey, chocolate syrup, or brown sugar. They can also be flavoured with coffee and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Unlike ice cream cakes, gelato cakes are not commonly covered in frosting; however, they can be decorated with icing or drizzled with chocolate sauce. Ice cream cakes are high in fat because they contain an enormous amount of butter and cream. Since the ingredients are so rich, a small bite can satisfy your taste buds but not your healthy eating drill.

Try out your own Italian cafe gelato recipe

Gelato cakes are a delicious alternative to the usual gelato bowl. If you’re planning a party or simply having friends around, why not make some gelato cakes instead? They’re easy to design, and you’ll find hundreds of ideas online. You could choose a classic flavour, such as chocolate chip cookie dough, or try something new like banana walnut. And they’re perfect for birthdays, promotions and celebrations. We’ve even made some for fun! Gelatos can be made with a variety of flavours, and they can also be customized. You can make them with just one flavour or add additional toppings such as fruit slices or sprinkles. You can customize your gelato cake, so it’s themed around a specific occasion or a holiday, or it can match the colour scheme of an elegant event.   If you’re still unsure how to make the perfect gelato cake, why not order one?

Order a custom gelato cake in Calgary!

You can order your favourite gelato flavours from your closest Italian dessert bar and make your cake, or order a custom cake for any occasion from Amato Gelato. Handcrafted using only the best all-natural ingredients sourced locally, we’re sure it will be a delight for everyone. Now, that is what you’ll find with the best Gelato Cakes in Calgary. You may find some of our delicious gelato cakes in our showcase and can pick out a slice. Or order gelato cakes with flavours of your choice for your next party!